DOSA Smoking Jacket

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D.O.S.A. (Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas) can be grim places. Sometimes it's a line on the ground outside the front door that separates you from the regular, non-smoking, free folk, or even worse, it's a tiny enclosed corner of a pub, where 15 people huddle closely for fear of overstepping the boundary. God forbid you take your drink with you, you'll get kicked out before you can take your first drag.

The D.O.S.A. print shows the dark and isolating experience it can be through simple, sign-like line drawings; a congested little trash pile of discarded filters, papers, tobacco, cig butts and long forgotten bic lighters.

The D.O.S.A. coat is printed on a heavy satin in a long, smoking style jacket with wide collar. It features fold up cuffs and a self-fabric tie belt. It's a one size fits most overcoat.

    • Original illustration by Phoebe Paradise
    • 100% medium weight, satin polyester
    • Hand-made in Brisbane