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Walk into any pub on a Friday afternoon and it's full of people washing the week away with a chardy or lager. The hilarious dichotomy presented by people in office and corporate attire and having a sneaky cig (or chain smoking their way to the weekend) is what we're going for with Ashtray print on the Ashtray blouse. I mean, who hasn't partaken in the I-smoke-but-only-when-I-drink treat? It's one of the small pleasures in life (like how eating directly out of the fridge with the door open doesn't count).

The print is a repeat of the gross and unsavoury, but relatable cigarette butt motif, over, and over, and over.

The Ashtray blouse is custom printed on sheer chiffon with long pointed collar and raglan sleeves. It features a centre front button placket, and gathered back yoke to fit various bust sizes.

Ashtray is an original illustration by Phoebe Paradise.

100% polyester, chiffon feel.

Designed, printed, and made in Australia.

Ashtray Blouse Ashtray Blouse

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Ashtray Blouse