Phoebe Paradise supports and celebrates diversity, feminism, human rights, and body positivity in all of our messaging and communication. We always try and make our content relatable to as wide a range of people as we can, and promote equality and inclusivity through everything we do.

All of our garments are Australian designed and Australian made. As far as we're concerned, we don't want to work with anyone that's cagey about their working practices, so we only work with makers and factories that have fair working standards and good conditions in place. To read more about our manufacturing standards, check out our Sustainability page.

The local music, art, and creative scene is where we came from, and we hold it very close to our hearts, and support, collaborate, and work alongside these scenes as a core part of our DNA.

In essence, we're not afraid of having a message. We celebrate everyone’s differences and uniqueness. And we love and support grassroots scenes!

If you have any questions, comments, or ideas on how we could do things better, please contact us.