Phoebe Paradise is the brainchild of Phoebe Sheehy - artist, designer, musician + creator.


The smoky and beer-soaked magic happens in the classic Queenslander home of Phoebe Sheehy, designer of art project come fashion label Phoebe Paradise. Illustrator, textile designer, musician, fashion designer, and graphic artist, Phoebe’s vast body of work has been featured in various publications; The Lifted Brow, Grift Mag, Frankie Magazine, YWCA Victoria Merch, The Foundry Brisbane’s poster art, and illustrations accompanying journalist Clementine Ford’s podcast ‘The Misandry Hour’. Her illustrations have a uniquely grimy, political and humorous sensibility.

Phoebe Paradise the brand was born in 2014, using clothing as a new canvas for her unique style of illustration. Phoebe focuses on details of life that are distinctively Queensland; the grimy cityscape, drinking culture and violence, juxtaposed with imagery of the natural beauty that permeates across the state.

We're proud to have collaborated with some of Australia's best and brightest. LOCKOUT features illustrations by Dr. Jonathan McBurnie and accessories tailor made by Flynn the Label

If you have an idea to pitch for collaboration with PP for future projects, please don't hesitate to contact us.