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The Tumble Racer swimsuit is inspired by the athleticism and form of professional divers and swimmers, and images taken in the 1984 L.A. Olympic games. The Tumble print focuses on the musculature and shadows of the rippling (and ripping!) bodies of incredible female Olympic swimmers, and the textural elements of the pool water.

While none of us here at PP are probably ever going to be Olympic anything (except maybe maybe marathon sleepers, right?), we'd like to feel STRONG, SAFE, and ready for SPEED when we're in the water. I mean, all it takes is a big ol' wave to sweep away most of our 'fashionable' bikinis, and while we all have beaut naked bodies, uninvited nudity isn't our jam. Not to mention when constantly on the lookout for death jellyfish and sharks, we'd really rather not have to worry about how our swimwear will cope. 

Our Tumble Racer features an swim squad style racer back with circular cutout, regular brief fit, and sporty style straps.

Tumble is an original acrylic painting by Phoebe Paradise.

47% Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT)/ 53% Polyester

Elastane free fabric ideal for high performance swimwear. 100% Chlorine resistant. 

Designed, printed, and made in Australia.

Tumble Racer Tumble Racer

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Tumble Racer Tumble Racer